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Spooktacular Halloween Cocktails

Whoever said Halloween is just for kids? With more adults partaking in the ghoulish festivities than ever before, I thought it’d be fit to share some creative and delicious new libations. For all the Halloween hosts who want to impress their guests with the latest in cool and creepy cocktails, try out the following recipes! And remember, you can also serve these sans alcohol for an equally spooky treat!

Spiced Pumpkin Martini

Courtesy of Mixologist Claire Smith, Belvedere Vodka

2oz Spiced pumpkin infused Belvedere vodka*

1 oz Puree*

1 oz Spiced syrup

1 Slice of fresh ginger

Muddle ginger with the syrup in the base of a cocktail shaker. Add pumpkin infused Belvedere and shake with cubed ice. Serve in a martini glass and garnish with a slice of ginger.

*Spiced pumpkin infused Belvedere
Roast a 500g pumpkin (braised with honey) at 200 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes.  Remove from oven and place roasted pumpkin contents into a small saucepan with bay leaves, cover with 200g of water. Bring to a boil and simmer for 1 hour. Remove the bay leaves and blend with 500g of Belvedere Vodka. Pass through a muslin cloth to remove pulp and use. Keep refrigerated.


Spiced Pumpkin Martini

Jack O’ Lantern

Courtesy of Regional Beverage Director Damon Dunay, The Empire Hotel, NYC

2 oz Jack Daniels

2 Sugar cubes

Orange Bitters

½ oz Lucid Absinthe

Coat a rocks glass with Lucid Absinthe by rotating liqueur around glass. In a cocktail shaker, place sugar cubes and two dashes of Orange Bitters. Crush cubes with a muddler. Add Jack Daniels and ice cubes and stir until combined. Strain and serve over ice in the rocks glass. Garnish with a Jack O’ Lantern face carved out of an orange (an orange slice or peel works too).


Jack O Lantern

Alien Cooler

Courtesy of Mixologist Jon Ojinaga, Redwood Room at Clift Hotel, San Francisco

1 ¼ oz Crop Organic Vodka

¾ oz Veev Acai Liqueur

¾ oz Lime juice

¾ oz Simple syrup

Soda (fill with)

2 Pinches of julienned cucumber

1 Cucumber slice

Combine all ingredients in a tall Collins glass with ice. Fill with soda. Stir to mix cucumber in the glass. Garnish with a cucumber slice.


Alien Cooler

Basil Hayden’s Bloody Mary

Courtesy of Basil Hayden Bourbon

1 oz Basil Hayden’s Bourbon

2 Dashes of celery salt

2 Dashes hot sauce

2 Dashes Worcestershire sauce

1 Teaspoon wasabi

Tomato juice

Celery, lime wedge & blue cheese olives

Rim a pint glass with lime juice and celery salt. Fill with ice to the top. Add Basil Hayden’s(R) Bourbon, celery salt, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and wasabi. Fill remainder of the glass with tomato juice. Stir well. Garnish with celery, lime and blue cheese olives.


basil hayden bloody mary

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Affordable Halloween Costumes 2010

The best part about Halloween is dressing up like someone you’re not! Whether your costume choice is sexy, quirky, or gothic, nobody likes to break the bank for one night of ghoulish fun. With a little bit of creativity, you can dress the part using items you have at home mixed in with a few affordable accessories from your local Halloween Superstore. Just be sure to check for coupons and online codes before shopping!

Thanks to consumer savings expert, Andrea Woroch, for letting us know about PromotionalCodes.com, which has online discounts for every outlet from Costume Kingdom and Spirit to Halloween Express!

Lady Gaga

The fashionably eccentric pop star is the number one costume choice for Halloween and for good reason! From her crazy hair styles to her out of this world fashion statements, there’s plenty to choose from when dressing up like this dainty diva.

What you need…

A great wig, a la Lady Gaga. Whether you want to rock her classic long bangs or go funkier with yellow highlights, your wig is the must have accessory to set you apart from the rest! ($7.95 – $19.95)clip_image002

Also distinguishing you as the peppy pop princess are a pair of her signature sunglasses. Lady Gaga is known for going bold in big, statement frames. With any of these shades, you’ll definitely put on your best poker face! ($8.46 – $13.46)

What you have…

Now that you have the signature Lady Gaga accessory pieces above, all you need is a sleek outfit. Go simple with black leggings, a black one shoulder tank, a black blazer with strong shoulders, and some killer black pumps. Top off the look with a strand of pearls and some fingerless gloves! If you’re feeling like being more creative, check out Rain Blanken’s article on About.com for 10 Lady Gaga Costumes you can make at home!

 Snooki (Jersey Shore)

Whether you love MTV’s Jersey Shore or not, there is no doubt that the cast members are memorable! The leader of the pack, Snooki, stands alone as having the most recognizable style, making her look popular and easy to replicate.

What you need…

The “Snooki bump” is the signature hairstyle of this outrageous Jersey girl. If you’re a brunette, all you need is a lot of hairspray and a possibly a Bumpits for the ultimate lift. For all others, a Snooki wig is the easiest way to achieve the look. ($16.95 – $20.95)clip_image004

GTL baby! The Jersey Shore motto of “Gym, Tan, Laundry” will further set you apart as the outspoken Snooki. Be sure to load up on self tanner and bronzer because your look won’t be complete without an orange glow! ($5.00 – $10.00)

What you have…

Anything tight and short should do! Opt for a black, leopard or other animal print dress, paired with sky high platform pumps. Or, pair a black mini with a leopard print tank for the same effect. Just don’t forget to emphasize the cleavage! Finish off your Snooki makeover with thick black eye liner, gooey lip gloss, and more bronzer! Fist pumping and carrying a red plastic cup is optional.

Flo (Progressive Insurance Commercials)

Sometimes the best costumes are the ones that make people say “Oh yeah, aren’t you (fill in the blanks)?” After hundreds of national advertisements for Progressive Insurance, it seems that “Flo” is one of the most recognizable TV commercial characters in ages. Her upbeat spirit is as identifiable as her quirky wardrobe, which makes “Flo” another easy and affordable costume for Halloween!

What you need…

Check out Progressive Insurance’s website for a fabulous description of how to “Dress Like Flo,” listing the ten items you need to resemble the friendly superstore cashier. Like the other iconic characters mentioned above, “Flo” has a few signature style items that make her unique.clip_image006

A plain white apron with the Progressive logo is the giveaway, and can be made at home for under $15. Or, go the easy route and purchase one from Amazon.com ($19.99)! Bedazzle the apron with her other distinctive items, an “I Love Insurance” pin ($0.79) and a “Tricked Out Name Tag” ($9.95)!

What you have…

All you need to complete the look are items that you already have in your closet! Wear a white short sleeved polo shirt, white slacks (khaki will work too), black sneakers (Converse preferred), and a navy blue headband. Finish it off with some bright red lipstick and black eyeliner and you’ll be good as “Flo”!

Edward Cullen (Twilight)

This is an extremely easy look for any man that wants to dress as one of the sexiest and most sought after movie characters of the last year! Rain Blanken breaks it down perfectly on About.com, but all you really need to concentrate on is your hair, makeup, and attitude.

What you need…

Edward Cullen is a “Twilight” vampire, thus he has pale, glittering skin. You canedward cullen opt for traditional white vampire makeup, or go for a lighter look by dusting on white and silver eye shadow ($4.99) all over your face. Add drama to your eyes by applying black eyes shadow or eyeliner around the outside edges. Keep your lips dry and pale. If you want the full vampire effect, rock a pair of vampire fangs ($2.95) to complete the look.

What you have…

Since this look is mainly about perfecting Edward’s face, keep your wardrobe simple. For confident men, wear a pair of black pants or denim with no shirt, or a button up shirt worn open. You can continue the makeup from your face on your neck and chest for the total effect! For a messy, Twilight worthy hairstyle, wet your mane and tousle it with gel. Then, get Edwards lift by teasing your hair with hairspray and setting it with a hair dryer.

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