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Back to School Must Read – The Temptation Series ($9.99)

With kids all over the country starting school this Fall, parents need to find the time to talk about Cyber Bullying, one of the biggest issues facing today’s tech savvy youth.  We can continue to assume that our kids will not be the ones involved or affected, but open your eyes parents because Cyber Bullying, Sexting, and other scary tech issues are everywhere!  A great way to get the conversation started is the Temptation Series, a series of books that discusses the potential dangers of cell phones, social networking, and the Internet.  Creators Karen Child Ogden and Danielle Tiano have put together some great tips to help parents talk about these issues with their kids.   So, if it’s too late to take the cell phone away from your first grader, do yourself a favor and educate them about the risks before it’s too late!  For more information, click here

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